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    Insulation pipe Machine
    Insulation pipe Machine

    Vacuum calibration method insulation pipe Machine

    Product advantages:
    Vacuum sizing insulation pipe equipment is a new type of insulation pipe equipment developed by our company by digesting and absorbing German technology. Vacuum sizing method of insulation pipe equipment set extrusion, vacuum sizing, cooling, traction, cutting, unloading in one. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, large output, stable performance, long life and suitable for recycled materials, especially compared with the pipe produced by internal pressure method, no matter from the ring stiffness, bearing pressure and other aspects of performance indicators are far more than 1/3, is currently the international advanced and popular anti-corrosion insulation pipe production line series products.
    1. Frequency conversion speed-regulating energy-saving motor is a kind of AC constant torque speed-regulating motor, which is controlled by frequency converter and achieves infinite speed-regulating. It has the characteristics of wide speed-regulating range, power-saving, low control power, good starting performance and large torque.
    2, the use of high hardness gear reducer, reliable transmission, easy maintenance, suitable for long-term work.
    3. The design of plasticizing screw is reasonable. Under the condition of high speed, the material is not easy to decompose.
    4. KTV bushing is installed in the feeding section of the material chamber, which can speed up the particle transfer rate and make the extruder stable.
    5. It is equipped with a double-channel temperature auto-control instrument. The temperature fluctuation is small when heating. According to different plastic processing technology, the ideal heating temperature can be selected, and the temperature of the head and barrel can be automatically controlled.
    6, the cooling fan is directly connected with the heating ring to improve the cooling effect of the cylinder.

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